21 December, 2014
So simple, anyone can pull this off! Bianca balti SUPER Sexy cat eyes Black Smokey Makeup love that Eye liner Sexy cat eyes Eye shadow Bronze and warm brown smoky eye

Eye Makeup - The Cat Eye stylized

This eye is inspired by all of the gorgeous creatures from the feline family! Ok hear me out. Tigers, leopards and cheetahs all have black rims around their eyes that really frame them. But it’s more than that. We can all rim our eyes with a black pencil (still one of my favorite looks!)

Eye Makeup - How to Do Winged Eyeliner

There’s really nothing more classic than a winged eyeliner look, commonly referred to as the 'cat eye.' It’s such a sleek, clean look, but it can be difficult to achieve without the proper technique. And really, what is the proper technique? The truth is...there isn’t one. There are many! There are ...

Eye Makeup - Best Ever Easy Explained Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup - A Way to Make Your Eye Shadows Pop up

Eye Makeup - Top 10 Breathtaking Smokey Eyes Tutorial 

They say that the eyes are mirrors to the soul, so make sure your mirror looks the best! Smokey eyes makeup is one of the best ways to make your eyes